Electrical power testing

Relay Test Set

The set is combination of testing of O/C, S/C, E/F and over/under voltage relays of both Normal static/numeric/electromagnetic & MICRO-PRO type as well as the CB Timer. All the outputs are isolated from the input as well as each other.


  • Input: 240 V, 50 Hz. Single phase.
  • Outputs: Main: 1. 0-1/5/25/50/100 A AC or 0-300 V AC, continuously variable, for NORMAL relays
  • 0-0.1/0.25/1.0/2.5 A AC for MICRO-PRO relays

Relay Test Set Uses:

  • The test set allows students to compare individual relay characteristics. It also allows connection of two relays for experiments such as relay discrimination. The test set includes meters, current and voltage transformers (CTs and VTs), power supplies, a configurable transformer and load resistors.