Power Supply

ProgrammableDC Power Supply

A programmable power supply is one that allows remote control of its operation through an analog input or digital interface such as RS232 or GPIB. Controlled properties may include voltage, current, and in the case of AC output power supplies, frequency.


  • Voltage range: 0 ~ 1800V.
  • Current range: 0 ~ 540A.
  • Power range: 0 ~ 18kW, up to 180kW.
  • Specialized battery-simulating power supplies.
  • Equipped with advanced features, including current measurement with nanoamp resolution, variable rise/fall times, analog inputs, digital I/O, and programmable interfaces.

Programmable Power Supply Uses:

  • Our programmable DC power supplies are commonly used in DC-DC converter, PV inverter, telecom, battery charger, EV / automotive, burn-in, and plating/electrolysis testing.