Electrical power testing

Insulation Testers

Insulation testers are electrical meters used to determine the condition of the insulation on wire and motor windings. … The insulation found on wires, cable, and motor windings serve to protect the wire and keep it separate from other wires.


  • Voltage Range : 0 to 5kV
  • Current Range: 0-7mA
  • Resistance Range: 0.50MΩ to 30.0TΩ
  • Insulation resistance test (IR), polarization index test (PI), absorption ratio test (DAR).
  • Ramp test mode (RAMP), filter test mode (FR), capacitance test (uF)
  • Voltage monitor function, automatically monitor the charged voltage of the tested object.
  • Test timer function, automatically record test time.
  • Automatic discharge function, automatically and quickly release the charge of the test object after the test, without an external discharge circuit.
  • Automatic shutdown function.
  • Large touch color screen

Insulation Testers Uses:

  • Portable insulation resistance testers and megohmmeters are designed to help prevent hazards such as electric shock and short-circuits caused when the insulation in electrical devices, parts, and equipment used in industrial plants, buildings, and other settings degrades over long periods of use.