Electrical power testing

Digital Cable Fault Locator

Digital Cable Fault Locator is a precision instrument, easy to use, which provides spontaneous display of the location of break in pair wires and cables. Unlike conventional cable fault locators in which a lengthy procedure of obtaining a null point in a galvanometer and then computing the faulty length of cable is to be gone through, here the faulty cable is just to be connected, one setting to be made and location of fault in terms of total length directly read on display upto a resolution of 0.1%.


  • Voltage Range: 12 to 400V
  • Power supply : 9V battery, NEDA 1604, IE6F22
  • Consists of a transmitter and a receiver
  • It is used for finding conductors in walls, conductor interruptions, short-circuits in conductors
  • Conductor tracing in the soil
  • Detecting fuses and assigning current circuits
  • Tracing sockets and distribution sockets having accidentally been covered by plastering
  • Automatic and manual sensitivity adjustment
  • Acoustic reception signal may be switched off
  • Auto-Power-Off function
  • Backlight
  • Additional lighting function when working under bad lighting conditions
  • Additional transmitters are available to extend or distinguish several signals

Digital Cable Fault Locator Uses:

  • Used for Cable Manufacturing Unit, ITI, Polytechnique lab for educational purpose.