Electrical power testing

Clamp Meter

A clamp meter is an electrical test tool that combines a basic digital multimeter with a current sensor. Clamps measure current. Probes measure voltage.


  • AC current is 40.00 A or 400.0 A
  • DC current is 40.00 A or 400.0 A
  • AC voltage is 600.0 V
  • DC voltage is 600.0 V
  • Resistance is 400.0 Ω or 4000 Ω or 40.00 kΩ
  • The AC response is True-RMS
  • Backlight and Data hold
  • Contact temperature ranges from -10.0°C -400.0°C
  • Ampere-multimeter device for professional home use Pocket size ampere tester
  • Autoranging clamp multimeter can be used to measure AC and DC Voltage, AC Current, Resistance, Diode test, Data Hold, Max Value Hold. troubleshoot electrical problems safely.
  • Some of the range of the meter is 999 A otherwise 1400 A

Clamp Meter Uses:

  • For industrial appliances, industrial devices, residential / commercial / industrial electrical systems and commercial / industrial HVAC, clamp meters are used.