Power Supply

ProgrammableAC Power Supply

In order to meet the bigger range of AC power supply and more complex change characteristics, engineers need more powerful and stable AC power supply to simulate the actual working environment.


  • Voltage range: 150 ~ 500V
  • Current range: 3 ~ 24A
  • Power range: 300 VA to 9000 VA
  • Programmable voltage and current limit
  • Harmonics, inter-harmonics waveform synthesizer
  • Single or Three Phase Output
  • Programmable slew rate for changing voltage and frequency
  • LIST, PULSE, STEP mode functions for testing Power Line Disturbance (PLD) simulation

Programmable AC Power Supply Uses:

  • Applied in the electronics and electrical industry, lighting, specification verification of RD, the use of laboratory testing and factory production online test etc.